No better way to see
Block Island!

Introducing the new Block Island Bicycle Tour, a self-guided tour that takes you to some of the island’s top sights. Designed for you to go at your own pace, there are two options - a 7.5 mile loop that covers major sights around the southern end of the island, and an extension that adds the picturesque northern end to your tour - and 8.5 miles to the trip.

The tour begins outside the Block Island Visitor Center across from the ferry dock, where you’ll find marker number one. The full tour has 12 stations, each marked with a sign. A wallet-size guide and map are available free at Block Island Express ticket booths and aboard the ferries and at the Block Island Visitor Center.

When weather is good, and cell phone towers willing, the QR code in the center of each marker will take you to a short video about the spot where you’re standing. If you’ve got a QR code reader on your smart phone, you may want to give them a try!