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The Great Salt Pond Swim

To all of those open water swimmers looking for something different and exciting. This swim is an annual fundraiser, serving to support efforts to protect The Great Salt Pond, and provide funds for additional water testing in the recreational swim areas. The date is Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 11:00am at Andy’s Way Beach on Block Island. The registration fee is $55 and registration is accepted on site by 10:15am. This is a one (1) mile swim limited to 150 individuals, starting at Andy’s Way Beach, swimming out toward Beane Point, and returning to Andy’s Way Beach.

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Block Island Bicycle Tour

See some of the island’s top sites, with a free self-guided tour that stops at 12 markers where you can access short videos of island highlights. There are two options – a 7.5 mile look that covers the southern end of the island, and an 8.5 mile extensions that adds the picturesque northern end.

Thursday Night Dinner Run

Why wait for the weekend, when you can take a mini-vacation on Thursday nights? With our Thursday Night Dinner Run featuring half price fares, you depart New London at 3:10, enjoy a Block Island dinner date (and maybe a pre-dinner stroll), then return on the 8:10 – all for half price. We can even save you money on some of Block Island’s best restaurants!

Be an island hopper!

Coming from Long Island? Instead of battling traffic on I-95, start your vacation by taking the ferry route, where traffic’s always a breeze.